P&H Custom Sea Kayaks have been making world class kayaks for over 40 years, in that time we have consistently pushed the boundaries of Sea kayak design and innovation at the same time as ensuring the highest quality standards are kept too. All composite P&H Sea kayaks are designed and hand made in the UK by a team of skilled craftspeople. Our PE kayaks are manufactured using industry leading rotomoulding technologies. This allows us to offer bespoke customisation on all composite kayaks, keep the tightest quality control measures and offer the highest standard of customer service.

Our sea kayaks are used by some of the worlds most respected sea kayakers, guides and coaches due to a constant high standard of quality and durability of product and have been used for many high profile expeditions across the globe.

In 2011 P&H continues its long history of high quality, hand finished sea kayaks and this year over 40 custom options will be available, making the 'standard' sea kayak a thing of the past.

Even after 40 years innovation still leads the way for P&H with the Delphin turning traditional sea kayak design on its head in 2010 and challenged many preconceived ideas of how a sea kayak should look and behave. In 2011 the Aries, its composite sister takes these design features and sweetens them up, smoothing hard chines and very pronounced deck to bring a forgiving, speedy light weight kayak for costal exploring and playing to the world.

As today many companies look to the Far East for production, P&H have made a conscious decision to stay with the benefits of consistency, and the ability to customise its product for a better and more personal service from a team that thoroughly understand by personal experience what and why they make the finest craft available.

A sea kayak is a significant investment, and most of our customers keep their craft many years. At P&H we not only respect the Sea Kayakers confidence in buying our products, we rather enjoy building a customer focused product and enjoying a long term relationship with our customers.

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