Performance Glass / Diolen

Our most widely requested option balances weight, stiffness and durability. Suitable for all environments, this mid weight, durable construction is recommended for the majority of our customers.

  • Hull: Diolen
  • Deck: GRP mat
  • Seam: Narrow glass outside seam 20mm
  • Keel Strip: None
  • Cockpit Rim: Glass


Heavy duty and reinforced construction, the expedition layup is the choice of many of our pro coaches.

  • Hull: Heavy duty diolen
  • Deck: Reinforced GRP mat
  • Seam: Wide glass outside seam 35mm
  • Keel Strip: Glass keel strip
  • Cockpit Rim: Glass

Lightweight Carbon Kevlar

Reduced weight and increased stiffness with coloured hull.

  • Hull: Lightweight kevlar carbon
  • Lightweight glass cloth with kevlar
  • Gelcoat outside seam 20mm
  • Keel Strip: None
  • Cockpit Rim: Glass

Lightweight Carbon Kevlar Clear Hull

For those wanting the lightest weight kayak possible.

  • Lightweight kevlar carbon with clear hull
  • Deck: Lightweight glass cloth with kevlar
  • Seam: Gelcoat outside seam 20mm
  • Keel Strip: None
  • Cockpit Rim: Glass

These are just our standard recommendations, you can customise your construction completely, for example you can add a wider outside seam which will protect and strengthen the join between the deck and hull or a keel strip to minimise wear and tear on the hull's gelcoat. Visit our desktop version of this website to use the kayak customiser and build your dream spec.



P&Hs own corelite material combines a foam core with a tough outer layer to save weight and increase the stiffness of the hull creating a lightweight, durable kayak that offers you the very best in plastic sea kayak construction. The corelite range is ideal for newcomers.


Tough single skin contruction, the same as Pyranha Whitewater Kayaks with bonded in hull stiffener which adds strength and rigidity. Full whitewater outfitting and full plate footrest make this a spec to take on the most extreme environments.

deck lines


We attach elastics to our kayaks so that you can store items such as split paddles, spare kit or paddle floats. All lines are attached by recessed deck fittings (RDFs) that are moulded in to keep the kayak watertight.

Colours: Red, Yellow, Black, Navy, Light Blue, White and Orange.



Performance Seat

  1. Vac formed seat with padded seat liner and adjustable backrest.

Connect Seat

  1. Incorporates an adjustable back rest, thigh grips and seat to give the ultimate comfort and control when paddling on moving or calm water.


Twist Lock

  1. Plastic footrest, Twist lever 90° to adjust pedal, twist back to lock. Included in diolen/glass option. Our most popular foot rest option


  1. Aluminium footrest. Pull pedal forward to adjust, press to lock. Robust and simple to use.

Smart Track Pivot Pedals

  1. For use in conjunction with Hybrid Foil Rudder.

Custom Bulkhead

  1. Front bulkhead positioned so you can use it as a footrest. Also gives you more storage space in the front hatch.
skeg & rudder options

Skeg and Rudder Systems


  1. It's not a skeg vs rudder world anymore. Fully retractable when not in use, acts as a skeg when deployed partially for straight line predictability. Once fully deployed free to work as a conventional rudder.


  1. A skeg helps compensate for weather and water conditions by reducing the amount the kayak is affected by side winds or currents. Wire and cord skegs are available and all can be set up, down or degrees between.


  1. Rudders are available on all our kayaks and can be of assistance when it comes to manoeuvring in and out of tight spots whilst exploring the nooks and crannies of the coast line.

    Our Hybrid Foil rudder works in conjunction with the Smart track pivot pedals when factory fitted or can be retro fitted with Twist lock footrests providing a rudder pin has been fitted. A moveable fin allows you to turn freely or trim at will. A stainless steel spring holds the rudder up on the deck when not in use, to deploy simply pull the cord to flip the blade into the water. For easy transportation a specially designed clip holds the rudder in place on the deck.


KajakSport hatches are made from supple, UV stable rubber for the best seal and long life span.

Diolen kayaks come with a lightweight covers for the rear day hatch while kevlar / carbon kayaks get lightweight covers all-round.

The Mini Pod compartment found in the Delphin, Scorpio and Hammer range is not dry sealed from the inside of the kayak (i.e. during re-entry situations) therefore we recommend that you always use additional dry bags and containers, especially when carrying phones, cameras etc.

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