Premier Expedition Kayaks - Fast, manoeuvrable, easy to edge and stable. Suitable for all waters including more open water and exposed ocean crossings. Owning one of these designs doesn't mean that each trip has to be weeks in the wilderness or out in rough seas though, but if you have the skills and you're wishing to be more adventurous, these are certainly the kayaks up to the task! You'll be just as much at home with a paddle across the bay or lake in either of these designs, and they all feature great speed and load carrying capabilities.

Scorpio MKII - 3 Sizes: HV, MV & LV
Cetus - 3 Sizes: HV, MV & LV


A super popular genre of playful, everyday boats for short weekend adventures, coastal exploration, exciting surf sessions, tide race play and rock hopping - Delicately balanced to give you some of the best 'all round' sea kayaks on the market today.

Delphin - 2 Sizes: 150 & 155
Aries - 2 Sizes: 150 & 155


The Ultimate Ocean Playboats designed for rock hopping, surfing, source-to-sea trips and coast & river exploration. A planing hull and rocker give super manoeuvrability around tight spots and whilst surfing. The cargo capacity is also considerable and these boats feature tough whitewater spec construction & outfitting.

Hammer - One Size

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