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The Aries takes the dramatically different design features and benefits from the Delphin and refines them for composite material systems and for the lower impact environment where composite kayaks excel. Hard chines and a pronounced deck are smoothed, producing a very forgiving, speedy and lighter weight kayak.

The Aries is ideal for anyone looking for a versatile, lightweight and stable kayak to explore the coast line and will excite those looking for a kayak to trip out to tide races to play the sea. The Aries will cater for the day paddler and those that weekend from their kayak will not be disappointed.

Image below with optional sail fitted. Adding a sail to your kayak is a great idea, a sail can increase your range and speed to take the arduousness out of long crossings, but most of all kayak sailing is fun. The thrill of flying across the water in a small boat with the wind in your sail can't be matched.

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  • Rocker
    Super manoeuvrability when surfing and prevents purling.

  • Quick resurfacing bow
    Splits and sheds water preventing nose burying on steep waves and helps punch through waves on the way through surf.

  • Hard chines in the bow
    Direct water onto planing surface and bow allowing for a super-fast pick up on the wave, or when angled, breaking in and out.

  • Planing surface and smooth chines in the stern
    Forgiving for beginners and when surfing.

  • Flat mid-section hull
    The most manoeuvrable sea kayak on the market, spins like a white water kayak to get you out of those sticky situations like crossing fast flowing races.

  • Width around cockpit
    Stable for beginners.

  • Squared off stern
    Increases water length, speed and tracking.

  • Rear weighting
    Creates a long water line when paddling on flat water for speed and tracking.

  • Low back deck and cockpit
    Easy to roll when the wave wins.

  • Large rear and fore hatch
    Lots of day tripping storage.

  • Mini hatch
    Access your essential gear on the move.

  • Skeg
    Aids tracking capabilities in cross winds.

  • Rudder
    optional extra - Beginners will love the rudder, easy to control and confidence inspiring


Length:485cm Width:57cm Internal Cockpit Length:81cm Internal Cockpit Width:42cm
Total Volume:290l Front Hatch:65l Day Hatch:30l Rear Hatch:56l                                  Mini Hatch:4l
Diolen:25kg Kevlar Carbon:24.5kg Lightweight Kevlar Carbon:23.5kg Clear Hull Option Reduces Weight By Approx:1kg
* Please note these specifications are meant as a guideline only
Length 485cm / 15' 9"
Width 57cm / 22.5"
Internal Cockpit Length 81cm / 32"
Internal Cockpit Width 42cm / 16.5"
Total Volume 290l / 76 US gal
Front Hatch 65l / 17.2 US gal
Day Hatch 30l / 7 US gal
Rear Hatch 56l / 14 US gal
Mini Hatch 4l / 1.1 US gal
Diolen 25kg / 55lb
Kevlar Carbon 24.5kg / 54lb
Lightweight Kevlar Carbon 23.5kg / 52lb
Clear Kevlar Carbon Reduces Weight By Approx 1kg
Load Weight Range 65 - 125kg / 143 - 275lb
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