The Roof of Scotland
Fresh from the first kayak crossing from Scotland to the Faroe Islands Patrick Winterton and Mick Berwick are teaming up for another committed expedition this July. Along with Bennie MacDonald from South Harris Patrick and Mick will attempt to link all the islands and skerries from St Kilda to the Orkneys ' The Roof of Scotland'.

The route will see Patrick , Mick, and Bennie cover almost 500 km in only 7 legs, as they take in Heskier, St Kilda, the Flannan Isles, Sule Sgier, North Rona and Sula Skerry . With massive distances and awkward landings this experienced team will be pushing their own limits.

The aim of this expedition is to show what a trip of this nature involves, why people do them and what you can get out of them. The Team plan to film all the different aspects of sea kayaking and show that it is not just white sand beaches and pan flat seas. 'The more paddling you do the harder it is to do something new. We want this to be an expedition full of first time experiences. We want to camp in unusual places, spend nights at sea, demonstrate paddling in big seas, use sails where possible, and demonstrate that it is both fun and, if prepared and equipped, relatively safe. The extensive wild life and fascinating history of the islands will enhance the paddling footage.'

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