P&H Aries with Sail

What is kayak sailing?

There are many reasons to consider rigging your kayak with a sail. Sails can be used to increase your range and speed on expeditions or day trips. They can add a level of safety on ambitious journeys or take the sting out of long crossings. And most of all, kayak sailing is fun – the thrill of flying across the water in a small boat with the wind in your sails can't be matched!

Sailing has been a part of the sport of sea kayaking since John MacGregor first put to sea in his Rob Roy canoe more than 150 years ago. MacGregor's focus was on adventuring and he fitted the Rob Roy with a simple lug sail design to help him cover ground when the winds were right.

As sea kayaking developed in the 1970's, 80's and 90's boat designs shifted toward more high performance shapes that weren't suited to the sail designs of the day. Sails failed to keep pace with innovations in kayak design and technique, and sailing became a speciality part of the sport instead of a central focus. Sea kayak sailing faded in prominence and emphasis was placed on powering the kayaks with the paddle alone. All this has changed with the advent of the Flat Earth sail design. Flat Earth Sails are simple, effective sail rigs that are perfectly matched to today's kayak designs. They can be adapted to fit virtually any touring kayak and require no complex outriggers, lee boards or rudders. Rigging and learning to sail a Flat Earth system is easy and fun. And Flat Earth Sails put kayak sailing right back where it belongs – as a central part of the sport of sea kayaking.

There's never been a kayak sail like this and there's never been a better time to jump into the world of sea kayak sailing.

The P&H Code Zero System

P&H Custom Sea Kayaks has partnered with Flat Earth sails of Australia to produce a high performance sail rig that can be adapted to fit a wide range of sea kayak designs. Our system is based on the Flat Earth Code Zero sail – a battened sail design that is perfectly matched to today's performance sea kayaks.

Sizes // Offered in two sizes.

  • 0.8 – with 0.8 square meters of sail area. Ideal for gusty conditions and beginning kayak sailors.
  • 1.0 – with 1.0 square meters of sail area. Suited for settled wind conditions or advanced kayak sailors looking for maximum power.
  • Simple to rig – Adaptable to virtually any touring kayak.
  • Simple to sail – One line raises the mast, one line controls the sail.
  • Rolls and stows on deck when not in use. Deploys in seconds.
  • Forward mounted sail is completely clear of cockpit allowing for normal paddling technique.
  • Allows for rolling and paddling in dynamic conditions.
  • Sails down wind and across the wind without leeboards.
  • Ideal for use on kayaks with retractable skegs or rudders.
  • Extra mounting hardware allows use of the sail system on multiple kayaks.
  • Both sizes of sail fit the same mast so you can change sails for different conditions.

P&H Code Zero Sail in action

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