Rudders are available on all our kayaks and can be of assistance when it comes to manoeuvring in and out of tight spots whilst exploring the nooks and crannies of the coast line.

Our Hybrid Foil rudder works in conjunction with the Smart track pivot pedals when factory fitted or can be retro fitted with Twist lock footrests providing a rudder pin has been fitted. A moveable fin allows you to turn freely or trim at will. A stainless steel spring holds the rudder up on the deck when not in use, to deploy simply pull the cord to flip the blade into the water. For easy transportation a specially designed clip holds the rudder in place on the deck.

A skeg helps compensate for weather and water conditions by reducing the amount the kayak is affected by side winds or currents. Wire and cord skegs are available and all can be set up, down or degrees between.

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