We're aware that a small number of P&H owners have been having problems in certain conditions on some kayaks fitted with the 2009 skeg systems.

This web post is to help you find out why your skeg isn't working to its optimum efficiency and to help you find a quick solution.

Please make sure you flush your skeg system with fresh water after paddling in salt water. This should help to make your skeg work efficiently again.

However if there is still excessive friction in the system we need you to perform the tests below to identify what part of the system needs attention.

Test 1.

Turn your sea kayak upside down and slide the skeg slider back towards the stern of the kayak so that the skeg is fully lowered.

a) Note if the skeg slider button moves smoothly down the skeg slider bar.

b) Note if the skeg line moves smoothly through the skeg line tubing.

c) Note if the skeg blade rotates freely and smoothly within the skeg box.

Test 2.

Move the skeg slider button towards the stern of the kayak so that the skeg is fully lowered. By hand, push the skeg back up into the skeg box and tape into position (see fig 1.)

Fig 1

Using the pliers, pull the skeg line through the skeg line tubing. (see fig.2)

d) Note if the cord runs freely or if there is excessive friction.

Fig 2

Using the pliers, pull the skeg line as far forward as in (fig.2)

e) Now move the skeg slider button, backwards and forwards along the skeg slider bar and note if there is any excessive friction as in (fig.3)

The following video may also help resolve some issues (password: phskegfix):

Fig 3

Please download and complete the Skeg Operation Form. NOTE: Please donwload the form to your computer, if you complete the form through a web browser the data will not send.

Skeg Form

We will contact you by email within three working days to discuss the information you have provided us.

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