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Volan 158

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Upgrade Keel, Seams and Cockpits
Performance Kevlar / Diolen
  • Excellent blend of diolen and kevlar's best qualities.
  • Approx weight saving of 1kg over our previous standard layup, Performance Diolen.
  • Great stiffness, durability and impact resistance.
  • Pleasing golden shimmer inside of kayak.

Hull: Kevlar/diolen weave with GRP mat, glass cloth and coremat reinforcement.
Deck: GRP mat with glass cloth rovings and kevlar reinforcement in key areas.
Options: Keel Strip, Extra Wide Seam.


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Important Information

Actual colours may vary from those shown above.
Please note, Orange or Red Decklines and Elastics are more susceptible to discolouration through UV exposure.
If you are unsure which construction or options are best suited to your needs, please contact your local dealer for advice.
Lead times are given as a guide only and are subject to change; if the turnaround time of your order is important, please contact us to discuss the possibilities before ordering.

Please view our full terms and conditions before placing an order.

For Composite Kayaks, please also note:
Fluorescent or Red Pigments are more susceptible to discolouration through UV exposure.
Yellow, Orange, and Dark Blue pigments are slightly transparent and therefore require several coats to achieve an opaque finish, adding up to 2kg to the total boat weight.
We can offer bespoke colours, patterns, and graphics on composite models; please contact us to discuss the possibilities.