Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Web: reelwaterproductions.com

Bryan Smith is a world class expedition paddler and award winning filmmaker out of Squamish, British Columbia.

Paddling first descents on steep, difficult rivers all over the world including Peru, India and Ecuador and across North America fueled his enthusiasm to share adventure experiences through media and film.

His first documentary 49 Megawatts was acclaimed for its amazing kayaking footage and insightful exploration of the controversy over British Columbia's river based energy production. An online version went viral and led to two feature length sea kayaking projects, Eastern and Pacific Horizons.

In 2010 Bryan co-produced and directed the Season, a 22 episode web TV series for Arcteryx, earned a National Geographic Expedition Council Grant for his work in Kamchatka, Russia and worked as a Director of Photography for two National Geographic TV shows.